An Introduction to OpenStreetMap

Presented by: David Dean


OpenStreetMap ( is a worldwide project that creates and provides free maps to anyone who wants them. Since 2004, OpenStreetMap has grown to cover the world. With good data coverage in most major urban areas of the world, OpenStreetMap provides a viable alternative to proprietary mapping data, encouraging the development of innovative software that would not previously have been possible.

While some of the current OpenStreetMap data has come from government and commercial imports, much of the work that goes into making the best maps comes from the contributions of individual mappers - people like you. Included within the presentation will be an outline of the many ways that you can join in to help, from taking brief notes while you walk the dog, to the most efficient way to map your whole suburb and the best equipment for doing so.

About The Speaker

David is a QUT post-doctoral fellow working on computer speech processing and spends his spare time walking around Brisbane, looking suspicious, as he surveys for