Humbug Excalibur Backups

Downloading the backups from the WWW

Ask someone at Humbug about getting access to these backups. They are available to everyone. See for information on what you can do with them.

Most recent backups, as of Mon 25 Jun 03:45:56 UTC 2018:

20180612-063903__base.tar.gz5346089472018-06-12 06:44:22.013179120 +0000
20180612-063903__base.tar.gz.sha1712018-06-12 06:45:51.730394849 +0000
20180625-033904_20180612-063903_base.rdiff.gz4724142018-06-25 03:45:54.426060639 +0000
20180625-033904_20180612-063903_base.rdiff.gz.sha1882018-06-25 03:45:56.053063166 +0000
20180610-093904__secret.tar.gz.gpg354470162018-06-10 09:46:15.288147962 +0000
20180610-093904__secret.tar.gz.gpg.sha1772018-06-10 09:46:15.567148536 +0000
20180625-033904_20180610-093904_secret.rdiff.gz.gpg395812018-06-25 03:45:56.021063116 +0000
20180625-033904_20180610-093904_secret.rdiff.gz.gpg.sha1942018-06-25 03:45:56.044063151 +0000

The secret- files contain the files with sensitive information in them. They are encrypted with the following gpg keys. You will need one of them to decrypt it:

S3 Backups

Backups are also put on an account owned by Humbug on Amazon S3. A log in CSV format is kept on all activities. You can download the log from here:


The fields in the log are documented under on the man page. See: rdiff-image-s3(1).